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to the people following me these days because they think i’m a quiet blogger just rebloggin pretty shit i’d like to say in advance that i’m sorry for disappointing you for twelve weeks straight starting june 23rd

Posted on May 18


"It needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether.”


A young gay dragon being forced to explain to his dad why he’s only kidnapping princes


"My scenes with Dylan are my favorite. There is just a chemistry and we don’t know why.Acting is a hurry up and wait sort of job, but my scenes with Dylan don’t feel like that because he loves the job.” 

                                              - Holland Roden at Days of The Wolf”

Roman Godfrey + fucking cat

Posted on May 17
Posted on May 17

« See? That is the thing with you Plastics. You think that everybody is in love with you, when actually, everybody hates you! Like Aaron Samuels, for example! He broke up with Regina and guess what? He still doesn’t want you! So why are you still messing with Regina, Cady? I’ll tell you why. Because you are a mean girl! You’re a bitch! »

Mean Girls released on April 30th, 2004